P90X – Day 14: X Stretch

Bring It.

Wow! Two weeks are in the history books and… Ahhh… today’s X Stretch is just what the doctor ordered! I’m really careful not to just take this as an “off day.” It really is a nice relaxing reward following a hard week of “Bringing It.”

X Stretch is an opportunity to see how Yoga X is helping me become more flexible. I’m really excited that I’m experiencing a LOT more flexibility than I did just one week ago. A week ago the stretches were sort of like, Ohhh. Now they’re more like, Ahhh. Flexibility and balance are key to getting the most out of P90X workouts. But they don’t happen out of the box; they come with time. I specifically noticed more flexibility in the Camel stretch and Plough (these are sort of pretzel-like .) I also noticed that I can now touch my toes when doing seated stretches like the hamstring stretches. I haven’t been able to do that since karate class 20 years ago!

In short, this one just feels plain good and gets me revved up for P90X Chest & Back tomorrow.

A little Advice.

Today I’m really making more of a commitment to breathing. I’m getting these sharp headaches when I exert and it seems to be reigned in by breathing. X Stretch give me an opportunity to slow down and focus on breathing. I did get a headache at one point but was able to keep it at bay by breathing better.

Keep Pressing “Play.”

I’m really excited to have gotten to the two week mark. That’s huge! Week three puts the wraps on this section. Then P90X lets my muscles rest for a Week 4 during a transitional period of cardio workouts (Ugh!). The idea is that the muscles must rest to rebuild bigger. Proper nutrition is crucial to this happening of course. After Week 4 P90X “confuses” my muscles by moving into Phase 2–a new set of workouts and a new nutrition plan.

The Workout.

X Stretch Workout Tools: Yoga or Workout Mat, yoga blocks, water and towel

X Stretch Workout
Sun salutations; neck stretch; back up the car; head roll; expand/contract back-chest-shoulders stretch; topas shoulder stretch; wrist-forearm flex stretch; dreya forearm stretch; arm circles; shoulder-triceps combo stretch; ballistic stretches; standing side stretch; roller; plough; seated spinal stretch; cat stretch; glute stretch; wide-feet forward hamstring stretch; side twist; camel; cat stretch; back hero; kenpo quad stretch; bow; low squat; frog; seated single-leg hamstring stretch; seated two-leg hamstring stretch; ballistic hamstring stretch; split-leg hamstring stretch; toe flexor; downward dog with calf stretch; upward dog with ankle stretch; child’s pose with right and left side stretch

Check in next time for P90X Day 15: Chest & Back with Ab Ripper X!


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