P90X – Day 13: Kenpo X

Bring It.

Ok, 5:00 A.M came a little early this morning, but it doesn’t take long to wake up when you’re fighting off a band of ninjas. Chuck Norris? What a sissy! But while I love all the “hi-yah” stuff this is still kicking my butt a little… ok a lot, but not as much as last time. That’s amazing because remember, this is only my second time! Yeah, I’m keeping up with it!

This is cardio with a dash of balance and flexibility. I’m trying to keep the punches fast and the kicks high. And I’ve got to remember to breathe! Coordination comes into to this too. There are some punch and kick combos that leave me scratching my head a little, but it’s only because my brain hasn’t done them before. And switching to the left side totally throws me sometimes. Just as P90X Plyometrics showed me how out of shape my cardio is; and Yoga X showed me how inflexible and unbalanced I am, Kenpo X will shows me how uncoordinated I am. Jeez, I’m a mess! But I’ve got to identify reality before I can fix it. P90X accomplishes both.

All it all, I’m hanging in there and my body is totally getting used to the workouts so it doesn’t punish me with soreness like it did just last week.

A Little Advice.

I really want a heart rate monitor so I can make sure I’m in my heart rate zone and not doggin’ it or working to hard. But my allowance is all chewed up this month.Whaaa!

Keep Pressing “Play.”

I’m feeling excellent. I’m coming up on the two week mark and I’m really excited about it. Just 10 more weeks and I’ll be a P90X grad! Then the transformation will be complete! Most awesome is that I can see and feel some muscle definition and much more firmness!

The Workout.

Kenpo X Workout Tools: Heart rate monitor, water, and towel

Saunders Stretch Cycle
Straight arm reaching torso twist; prayer squat; forward-facing side lunge; extreme side lunge; kneeling lunge/reaching arch stretch; hip-width forward hamstring stretch; lying hamstring stretch; pigeon into kenpo quad stretch; frog; cobra to downward dog with calf stretch

Kenpo X Workout
Twist & pivot; twist & pivot with hook & uppercut; jabs; jab/cross; jab/cross/hook; jab/cross/hook/uppercut; cardio break; step drag/high-low punch; jab/cross switch; hook/uppercut switch; knee kick; ball kick; cardio break; side kick; back kick; three-direction kick; side lunge with high sword/low hammer; step drag/claw/low punch; cardio break; high block; inward block; outward block; downward block; star block; cardio break; front shuffle with high block/low punch; knee/back kick; front & back knuckles/ball kick/back kick; hook/uppercut/low side kick; elbow series; vertical punches; cardio break

Check in next time for P90X Day 14: X Stretch!


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