P90X – Day 11: Yoga X

Bring It.

I’m not sure that there is a P90X workout that makes me sweat as much as Yoga X does–maybe Plyomentrics. This is an hour and a half long workout–a long one! The first part of this workout are the Moving Asanas. This is really the toughest part. It’s a lot of lunging and holding and up and down movements. This is where I really get drenched.

The Yoga X Balance Postures aren’t really any easier than Moving Asanas. They just challenge me in a differnt way. Yoga X has shown me how inflexible and unbalanced I really am.

The Floor Works gives me a break; that’s sort of the downhill run. Remember this is stil P90X; so it ain’t your mamma’s Yoga! But it’s all good and I can see what it’s doing to me.

We finish up here with More Floor Work. Oooh, that’s nice. Tony Horton knows how to calm us down and reward us for working so hard. I really cherish this part of the workout. It’s the antitheses of the front end.

Yoga Belly is like Yoga plus Ab Ripper X. It’s not as intense as Ab Ripper X but it still works your abs through some pretty bendy and challenging moves. Frankly, I’d rather do a ton of sit-ups rather then hold these ab crunching positions while balancing.

A Little Advice.

Two words: “Yoga Mat.” When I first did Yoga X, I thought my Berber carpet would do just fine and a workout/yoga mat. Nope. As my hands and feet sweat they slide a little when I do positions like downward dog (which is basically standing on all fours with your tail bone in the air). It’s really annoying. I’m looking for a mat that’s at least .25 inches thick and about 6 feet long. And I’d like a heavier one that won’t shift when I move fast doing other exercises.

Another good thing to have are a couple of yoga blocks. These are foam blocks that serve a couple of useful purposes: They extend reach for very flexible people (e.g., reaching beyond your foot when doing something like a seated hamstring stretch).  But they also extend my reach when I bent over and supposed to be touching the floor with my hands (not quite there yet).

Keep Pressing “Play.”

Today I feel amazing. I did Yoga X when I got up so I could start my day with something that would carry me through the day. But frankly, I wanted to get it done so I didn’t have it hanging over my head all day. I tend to procrastinate and look for things to do that will keep me from doing what I know I need to do. Overcoming that is called discipline. That may not be a novel idea to many, but in some areas of my life I’m greatly lacking. But today I have a tremendous sense of accomplishment having completed almost two weeks of P90X! I feel like a real P90Xer rather than a guy who’s trying it out.

The Workout.

Yoga X Workout Tools: Mat, yoga blocks, water, and towel

Yoga X Warm-up & Stretch: Mountain pose; wide-feet forward; hamstring stretch; wide-forward bent-over torso twist; split-leg forward hamstring stretch; standing side stretch; astanga sun salutations; downward dog calf stretch

Yoga X Moving Asanas: Runner’s pose; crescent pose; warrior one; warrior; two; reverse warrior; triangle pose; twisting triangle; chair to twisting chair (prayer twist); right-angle pose to extended right-angle pose & grab; prayer twist from runner’s pose to side arm balance; warrior three to standing splits; half moon to twisting half moon

Yoga X Balance Postures: tree; royal dancer; standing leg extension; crane (pre-handstand)

Yoga X Floor Work: Seated spinal stretch; cat stretch; frog; bridge or wheel; plough into shoulders stand w/leg variations into plough; table; cobbler pose; one-legged hamstring stretch into two-legged hamstring stretch

Yoga X Belly: Touch the sky; boat; half boat; scissor; torso twist hold; deep torso twist hold; touch the sky

Yoga X More Floor Work: Side twist; glute stretch; happy baby; child’s pose; shavasana (corpse pose); fetal pose; meditation pose (lotus)

Check in next time for P90X Day 12: Legs & Back!


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