P90X – Day 10: Shoulders & Arms with Ab Ripper X

Bring It.

I LOVE this workout–probably because this is the one I’m most strong in. Check out the progress in the number above! I was amazed at how much strength I’ve gained in just a week. My reps on some of these exercises even doubled; others saw significant improvement. My muscles are completely used to working out now–again, in just a week! Following the workout I have some weakness, and maybe a tiny, tiny bit of… well, it’s not really tightness, it’s more like I felt like I worked out. I think this will even go away over the next week or so. I actually do feel stronger!

Ab Ripper X is still a tuffy but I’m challenging my self and I just know there’s a “six pack” developing under this disappearing belly. But I won’t lie to you: P90X Ab Ripper X is tough. I hate it, but I love it!

A Little Advice.

I’m going to buy some adjustable dumbbells tomorrow as well as some better resistance bands. All I have right now are a set of 15 pound dumbbells, but they are a bit heavy for some of the exercises right now. I would also like to have the resistance bands as an option–and they travel better than dumbbells when I need to take P90X on the road. Also, this workout is definitely a “recovery drink workout.” I ordered some today and I’m looking for it to help me provide the post-workout nutrients that my muscles need as well as help be get bigger a little quicker (it has a little Creatine in it). Other P90Xers swear by it.

Keep Pressing “Play.”

Today was really when P90X got real for me. Looking at my increases in reps (see above) really motivated me. I’m just amazed that P90X can actually deliver results in just a week. I can’t wait to see what this all looks like at the end. Suffice it to say that I’m impressed by P90X. Tomorrow is P90X Yoga X–not one of my favorites but I need the balance and flexibility training it provides.

The Workout.

Shoulders & Arms Workout Tools: Weights or resistance bands, wall, chair, water, and towel

Shoulders & Arms Light Cardio Warm-up & Stretch
March in place; run in place; jumping jacks; run lunges with alternate arm raises; side-to-side head rolls; shoulder rolls; crossed-wrist shoulder stretch; expand/contract chest-back-shoulder stretch; arm circles; ballistic stretches

Shoulders & Arms Workout and Progress
(R=”Reps”, W=”Weight.” Resistance bands may be substituted for weight and is noted with a “B.” Current week’s performance is the last set of numbers, e.g. “R=15 W=15”, and is preceded by previous weeks. Each exercise is performed twice, however for the purposes of showing progress in the simplest way I’ve only shown the first set.)

Alternating Shoulder Press: R=12, W=15 | R=17 W=15
In & Out Bicep Curls: R=16, W=15 | R=17 W=15
Two-Arm Triceps Kickback: R=16, W=15 | R=15 W=15
Deep Swimmer’s Presses: R=8, W=15 | R=17 W=B
Full Supination Concentration Curls: R=13, W=15 | R=17 W=15
Chair Dips: R=10, W=NA | R=20 W=NA
Upright Rows: R=11, W=7.5 | R=20 W=7.5
Static Arm Curls: R=8, W=15 | R=20 W=B
Flip-Grip Twist Tricep Kickbacks: R=8, W=15 | R=20 W=B
Two-Angle  Shoulder Flys: R=16, W=B | R=16 W=B
Crouching Cohen Curls: R=31, W=B | R=35 W=B
Lying Down Tricep Extensions: R=15, W=7.5 | R=30 W=7.5

Bonus Round
In & Out Straight-Arm Shoulder Flys: R=13, W=B | R=15 W=B
Congdon Curls: R=13, W=B | R=20 W=B
Side Tri-Rises (Left & Right): Left=0,  Right=5 | Left=13, Right=16

Ab Ripper X Workout
In & out; seated bicycle; seated crunchy frog; crossed leg/wide leg sit-up; fifer scissor; hip rock ‘n raise; pulse-up (heels to heaven); roll-up/v-up combo; oblique v-up; leg climb; mason (kayak) twist; stretch

Check in next time for P90X Day 11: Yoga X!


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