P90X – Day 9: Plyomentrics

Bring It.

This is cardio kids! This is building endurance, and I NEED it! I’ve got to be honest; I don’t look forward to Plyometrics each week. I hate it, but I love it. This is what builds cardiovascular endurance. I’m familiar with that “out-of-breath feeling” that comes from a run to the top of the stairs. This is the fix for it! Really though, I’m not good at Plyomentrics. This one beats me up and gets be soaked. But I want a high performance body, and that requires a high performance cardiovascular system–one that pulls in massive amounts of air and then circulates nutrient-rich and oxygen-rich blood to strong muscles that work hard. I’ve got to have it, and it takes work to get it!

A Little Advice.

I like to workout in bare feet (I like bare feet in general.) but P90X Plyomentrics moves me around so quickly and so much that I managed to give myself a little blister on my right big toe. Ouch! Looks like I’ll be wearing shoes for this one. I’m also going to get a workout mat. Doing this on bare carpet isn’t comfortable, and my feet and hands sometimes slip just a little when they get sweaty. A quality workout mat will fix that.

A couple of other things I need to do are to get a recovery drink into my system after the workout, and get a heart rate monitor. I’m not using the P90X Results & Recovery Formula. Frankly, I’m a shopper and I like to get a deal on the stuff I need. That’s why I’ve found a good alternative recovery drink that I’m going to try out. And the heart rate monitor is important for making sure my heart rate is in the proper zone, i.e. I’m not overdoing it or doggin’ it.

Keep Pressing “Play.”

I’m excited! I’m seeing some results; my body’s past the point of constant soreness and tightness; and I’m bouncing back from the P90X workouts quickly. I’ve got some momentum and I’m headed for my goals! After I get this “beach body” I’ll need to figure out what to do with it! Maybe I’ll sight up for an ultimate fighting championship tournament, or join Cirque du Solei! (ever seen those people? Sheesh!)

The Workout.

Plyometrics Workout Tools: Heart rate monitor; workout mat; stool or chair; water and tower

Plyometrics Warm-up & Stretch: March in place; run in place; tires and run lunges; lunging drills; deep prayer squats; quad stretch; hamstring stretch

Plyometrics Workout: Jump squat; run-stance squat; airborne heisman; swing kick; squat reach jump; run-stance squat switch pick-up; double airborne heisman; circle run; jump knee tuck; mary katherine lunge; leapfrog squat; twist combo; rock star hop; gap jump; squat jack; military march; run squat 180 jump switch; lateral leapfrog squat; monster truck tire; hot foot

Bonus Round
Pitch & catch; jump shot; football hero

Check in next time for P90X Day 10: Shoulders & Arms with Ab Ripper X!


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