P90X – Day 7: X Stretch

Bring It.

P90 X Week 1 - I think I'm seeing some definition already!

P90 X Week 1 - I think I'm seeing some definition already!

Well, it’s been a challenging week–my first week doing P90X. Today was the P90x version of a day off. It’s called X Stretch and Ohhhh, this is glorious!

X Stretch is like paid vacation after a week of working hard. But this is still P90X so it still pushed me in it’s own way. X Stretch is all about being good to your body by pulling out the kinks and wrinkles. Breathing is huge here (not like it isn’t huge for the other workouts. I still have to focus on breathing. It’s amazing that so much concentration needs to be given to something that is somewhat involuntary.

Flexibility and balance are still key to P90X workouts and X Stretch is big on helping me develop both. I’m still fumbling around like Frankenstein’s Monster but I’ve got to give it time. This was only Week One!

A little Advice.

I started the nutrition plan (so I’ll probably update this post to fill you in on that). I’m at P90X Nutrition Level II so I’m eating about 2,400 calories per day–the right calories! This phase of the nutrition plan is low carb and packed with protein baby! But I’ve got to space my meals out better and divide the food up into more and smaller meals. Last night I made the mistake of eating a big dinner at 9:00 P.M. You don’t have to be a nutritionist to know that that’s not a good idea. My schedule got away from me and I didn’t get hold of it again. The result was a full belly and then straight to bed. The next morning I felt just as full when I started my workout. Won’t do that again!

Keep Pressing “Play.”

The delayed onset muscle soreness is all but gone by today! Yay! Just a little in my right calf at the knee joint. But today I went into X Stretch with an amazing sense of accomplishment and a lot of confidence as I get ready to start the week over again tomorrow on Day 8 – P90X  Back & Chest with Ab Ripper X! I’m definitely feeling like a P90Xer and I think I’m in the zone.

Now call me crazy but I swear I’m seeing some results already! There appears to be just the slightest bit more muscle definition today than there was on Day 0 when I took my first photo of myself. You probably can’t see it in the photos, and might not be able to notice it anyway. But I’m the one looking at myself in the mirror every day and I’m telling you, I think I’ve got something going on here! Check out my weekly photo post above!

The Workout.

X Stretch Workout Tools: Yoga or Workout Mat, yoga blocks, water and towel

X Stretch Workout
Sun salutations; neck stretch; back up the car; head roll; expand/contract back-chest-shoulders stretch; topas shoulder stretch; wrist-forearm flex stretch; dreya forearm stretch; arm circles; shoulder-triceps combo stretch; ballistic stretches; standing side stretch; roller; plough; seated spinal stretch; cat stretch; glute stretch; wide-feet forward hamstring stretch; side twist; camel; cat stretch; back hero; kenpo quad stretch; bow; low squat; frog; seated single-leg hamstring stretch; seated two-leg hamstring stretch; ballistic hamstring stretch; split-leg hamstring stretch; toe flexor; downward dog with calf stretch; upward dog with ankle stretch; child’s pose with right and left side stretch

Check in next time for P90X Day 8: Chest & Back with Ab Ripper X!


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