P90X – Day 8: Chest & Back with Ab Ripper X

Bring It.

Seven days makes a difference! I hit the workout at 5:00 A.M. this morning with a little more drive than I did back on P90X Day 1. My body seems to be getting used to this now so I’m performing better, but the chin-ups are still really hard for me. I’m using a chair for now to augment my lack of strength. To be honest I’m only able to crank out one or two chin-ups without the help of the chair. That’s ok. I’m pulling hard and using my legs as little as possible–just enough to get me about the chin-up bar. I’m still trying to “Bring It!”

I’m performing a little better on the push-ups than I am on the chin-ups, but I’m still having to do the tougher types on my knees so I can maintain good form. Good form is MONEY! On the other exercises I’m switching out between dumbbells and resistance bands, especially during round 2 of the workout when I repeat everything and I’m whipped.

P90X Nutrition.

I’m now into the P90X Nutrition Plan, Phase I: Fat Shredder. Up to this point I’ve learned my nutritional lifestyle through the WeightWatchers program, which I highly recommend. I made a mistake though. I started eating 8 to 10 points below my daily 27 point allotment for losing weight. What I didn’t realize was that, while I was losing weight pretty quickly, I was probably also losing muscle–muscle I wish I had now.

The P90X Nutrition plan is all about “shredding” fat in Phase I. Incidentally, I’m using the Portion Approach as opposed to the Meal Plan Approach. The former just tells me what types of foods to eat; I fix them the way I want. The latter actually provides recipes. That didn’t appeal to me because I just don’t have the time to prepare the recipes, which look quite tasty and are obviously designed to be pretty appealing.

Phase II of the P90X Nutrition Plan prescribes a daily intake of 2,400 calories for Nutrition Level II, which also provides for the extra fuel needed for the workouts. I’m actually eating more enjoyably now than when I was trying to just shed pounds. Now I’m not so concerned with pounds as I am body fat percentage. (This is where a body fat tester comes in handy.) Here are the servings I’m eating:

7 Proteins
3 Dairy
1 Fruit
4 Vegetables
1 Fat
1 Carb
2 Condiments (fat free condiments such as mustard, BBQ sauce, etc.)
1 Double Snack, 1 Protein Bar, 1 Recovery Drink

Keep Pressing “Play.”

Hallelujah! The delayed onset muscle soreness has finally turned me loose! I’m just a little tight in the biceps and calves but it’s that kind of tightness that just makes it feel really good to stretch, not the kind that makes me cringe every time I move.

It does feel a little odd jumping right out of bed a 5:00 A.M. and diving into an intense workout but, like anything else, I’m sure I’ll get used to it. I’m used to waking up slow in the shower. No I’m taking quicker showers under cooler water.

I’m still reeling from the fact that I finished P90X Week 1. I’m sticking with it and looking forward to getting a couple of weeks under my belt.

The Workout.

Chest & Back Workout Tools: Weights or resistance bands, push-up bars or portable chin-up bar, chin-up bar or resistance bands, chair, water, and towel.

Chest & Back Light Cardio Warm-up & Stretch
March in place; run in place; jumping jacks; run lunges with alternate arm raises; side-to-side head rolls; expand/contract chest-back-shoulder stretch; topas shoulder stretch; standing side stretch; arm circles; ballistic stretches

Chest & Back Workout
Standard push-up; wide front pull-up; military push-up; reverse grip chin-up; mini stretch; wide fly push-up; closed grip overhand pull-up; decline push-up; heavy pants; mini stretch; diamond push-up; lawnmower; dive bomber push-up; back fly

Ab Ripper X Workout
In & out; seated bicycle; seated crunchy frog; crossed leg/wide leg sit-up; fifer scissor; hip rock ‘n raise; pulse-up (heels to heaven); roll-up/v-up combo; oblique v-up; leg climb; mason (kayak) twist; stretch

Check in next time for P90X Day 9: Plyometrics!


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