P90X – Day 6: Kenpo X

Bring It.

Kenpo X is cool! It’s a lot of fun but still a lot of cardio. It reminds me of karate class when I was a kid. Kenpo X makes me feel like a ninja (in training); and I’m sure I’m developing ninja-like reflexes.

Kenpo X worked me out hard but it didn’t wreck me like some of the other workouts did (Plyomentrics wahhhh!). I even began to wonder if I really did “Bring It” today. This is one of those workouts where it would be very easy to cheat myself so I’ve got to make sure I’m pushing hard.

Kenpo X and Yoga X have really shown me that one of the keys to maximizing the effectiveness of all of the P90X workouts is balance and flexibility. For now I’m a tumbling idiot but I know it will come with time.

Bonus! Today I’m really feeling some relief from the delayed onset muscle soreness, and thank goodness too! It was wearing on me bad for a few days there. I actually went to bed with the soreness the night before Kenpo X but surprisingly woke up much more loose–opposite of what I expected. I can now fully extend my arms with just a little tightness near the elbow joints. I think my body is getting the idea that this is for real. The next day’s workout is P90X X Stretch. That’s sort of the P90X “day off.” I’m looking forward to stretching this body that I’ve spent a week tearing and pounding on. Then its go time baby!

A Little Advice.

First of all, I’ve decided to rearrange my schedule and do P90X first thing in the morning at 5:00 A.M. This just works better for me and my schedule. Doing P90X at night causes me to drink a lot of water before going to bed. That means I’m up all night offloading it. That’s a crappy night’s sleep.

This workout will be made much better when I pick up a workout mat. My shoes are pulling against the carpet as I pivot my feet doing many of the moves, making it a little tough to pull through the pivot, especially when I’ve got to do it quickly (which is most of the time).

I also started the P90X nutrition plan today. I’m at Nutrition Level II, and this is the Fat Shredder phase. I’m actually enjoying eating these days since I’ve gotten off my “modified” WeightWatchers routine. Don’t get me wrong! WeightWatchers is the best way to lose weight if you just want to lose weight. But frankly, I was probably abusing it by modifying it. I was eating about 8 to 10 points below my daily weight loss allowance just to shed pounds. I lost a lot of weight very quickly but I see now that I also lost a lot of muscle–muscle I wish I had now. So if I want to build muscle I need a high protein diet like the P90X nutrition plan lays out. C’mon! I’m working hard for a “Mercedes Benz” body. Why then put cheap gas in it? this is a high performance machine. It takes premium! More on the P90X nutrition plan later.

Keep Pressing “Play.”

I’m really encouraged and looking forward to P90X X Stretch, which is the next day. That’s sort of like a day off. I think it will be a great way to end a tough week of intense working out. And call me crazy but I think I’ve seen significant muscle growth already! I’m looking forward to posting my weekly picture with a new set of stats (don’t expect to notice a change in my picture yet). I’m hoping to see a little bump up in some of my muscle measurements. Check back and we’ll see!

The Workout.

Kenpo X Workout Tools: Heart rate monitor, water, and towel

Saunders Stretch Cycle
Straight arm reaching torso twist; prayer squat; forward-facing side lunge; extreme side lunge; kneeling lunge/reaching arch stretch; hip-width forward hamstring stretch; lying hamstring stretch; pigeon into kenpo quad stretch; frog; cobra to downward dog with calf stretch

Kenpo X Workout
Twist & pivot; twist & pivot with hook & uppercut; jabs; jab/cross; jab/cross/hook; jab/cross/hook/uppercut; cardio break; step drag/high-low punch; jab/cross switch; hook/uppercut switch; knee kick; ball kick; cardio break; side kick; back kick; three-direction kick; side lunge with high sword/low hammer; step drag/claw/low punch; cardio break; high block; inward block; outward block; downward block; star block; cardio break; front shuffle with high block/low punch; knee/back kick; front & back knuckles/ball kick/back kick; hook/uppercut/low side kick; elbow series; vertical punches; cardio break

Check in next time for P90X Day 7: X Stretch!


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