P90X – Day 4: Yoga X

Bring It.

First of all I had two misconceptions that were dispelled as I got into P90X Yoga X: First, it’s not a bunch of Eastern mysticism. I’m not interested in the spiritual aspect of the tradition of Yoga, and Yoga X didn’t go there. Second, I always thought yoga was just a bunch of deep breathing and stretching–more like Lamaze than real exercising. Not P90X Yoga X! You’ve probably read my thoughts on Plyomentrics by now. Well the first half of Yoga X had me feeling Plyometrics all over again. The first half is very challenging–not in a cardio way like Plyomentrics was, but in some of the moves I had to achieve and hold. The second half was a little easier for me to keep up with though. But I’m glad I brought a towel; I was drenched!

Another lesson learned: My balance is laughable! If you watched me doing Yoga X you’d probably think I was being smacked around by the invisible man while I was trying to do it. I’m certainly looking forward to P90X Yoga X helping me hone my balance; that’s for sure! (I wonder if that’ll help cure my acrophobia. Hmm. Maybe so, but I’m not going to commit to that just yet). I can also see how good balance will help me do many of the other P90X exercises better; their benefits are maximized with good balance. It seems that building muscle and developing balance will work hand-in-hand and multiply exponentially as time goes on.

Keep Pressing “Play.”

I still have a good attitude although I find that I’m a somewhat subdued version of my normal “life-of-the-party” self. (It’s funny how people notice that too.) Strangely I find my propensity for being dreamy to have cooled off a little. I’m one of those guys whose mind is always racing, coming up with new ideas, and looking to the horizon for the next adventure. I think I’ll get back to that (I like being that way), but for now I think keeping up with P90x, and the shock that it has been to my life, is preoccupying my mind. But I bet I come back like gangbusters when I’ve go the body I want!

The Workout.

Yoga X Workout Tools: Mat, yoga blocks, water, and towel

Yoga X Warm-up & Stretch: Mountain pose; wide-feet forward; hamstring stretch; wide-forward bent-over torso twist; split-leg forward hamstring stretch; standing side stretch; astanga sun salutations; downward dog calf stretch

Yoga X Moving Asanas: Runner’s pose; crescent pose; warrior one; warrior; two; reverse warrior; triangle pose; twisting triangle; chair to twisting chair (prayer twist); right-angle pose to extended right-angle pose & grab; prayer twist from runner’s pose to side arm balance; warrior three to standing splits; half moon to twisting half moon

Yoga X Balance Postures: tree; royal dancer; standing leg extension; crane (pre-handstand)

Yoga X Floor Work: Seated spinal stretch; cat stretch; frog; bridge or wheel; plough into shoulders stand w/leg variations into plough; table; cobbler pose; one-legged hamstring stretch into two-legged hamstring stretch

Yoga X Belly: Touch the sky; boat; half boat; scissor; torso twist hold; deep torso twist hold; touch the sky

Yoga X More Floor Work: Side twist; glute stretch; happy baby; child’s pose; shavasana (corpse pose); fetal pose; meditation pose (lotus)

Check in next time for P90X Day 5: Legs & Back!


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