P90X – Day 3: Shoulders & Arms with Ab Ripper X

Bring It.

Today I was hit a little hard by delayed onset muscle soreness catching up with me from the previous two days. Yikes, Day is going to KILL, I though to myself. I was also pretty tired–like sleepy tired–but that may have just been a result of it being the end of the work week, but I certainly woke up when I started pumping adrenaline in the warm-up. Also, Tony Horton’s pretty smart with how he designed P90X: “Day 3: Shoulders & Arms” was fairly merciful to the muscles I had torn into over the past two days, and that’s the idea. I’ve come to understand that working out a particular muscle is literally tearing it apart. With the P90X regiment I “tear one muscle group apart” and then leave it alone (or take it wasy on it)  for a few days while I’m giving my other muscle groups the business. During that time my “resting” muscles do what God designed them to do, that is rebuild themselves bigger.

For muscles to be able to rebuild themselves bigger I have to be sure to feed them the right stuff to support their rebuilding. Muscles are protein, so guess what they need to rebuild? You got it! Protein! I can’t eat junk food just because you’re working out. It’s not a license for gluttony! And protein doesn’t mean a big fatty side of beef either. I’m going lean! I’m my way to a “Mercedes Benz” body. I’m not going to work hard to get a nice ride and then put cheap gas in it! This puppy needs premium!

All-in-all, P90X Day 3: Shoulders & Arms seemed easier than yesterdays Plyometrics. I gather that everybody loves and hates Plyomentrics; it’s a cardio monster. Some of the exercises required a minimum of 16 reps while some just required that I do the best I could do. As I’ve said before, my goal is proper form over quantity (and that takes concentration). There were some of these exercises where my goals were 3 or 4 reps. But I set a goal; that’s the key! The other key is to know when to stop. When I get to sloppy with an exercise I stop doing it and count my total… to the last one I did correctly, not the total to the last crappy one.

Oh yeah I forgot… just when I thought I was finished after the hour-long workout… Look out! Ab Ripper X is in effect so get ready to get wrecked! Love it. Hate it. Do it!

A Little Advice.

A friend of mine gave me a couple of servings of the P90X Results and Recovery Formula to try. He swears by it and says his body craves it after a workout. It’s a drink mix designed for bouncing back and jump-starting the muscle building process. It’s to be taken right after a workout when muscles are raw and screaming for nutrients. I’ll probably buy some soon. I chose not to try it tonight because I didn’t feel like this workout blasted me as bad as Plyometrics did yesterday. I’ll save it for a really tough day. Besides, I understand you don’t want to drink the P90X Results and Recovery Formula before you go to bed because it gives you a boost. That reminds me, I think I will move my workouts to 5:00 A.M. soon. That’s going to work better with my schedule and keep me from being up all night offloading the 60 ounces of water I drank tonight.

I also borrowed some 15 pound dumbbells from my dad to use instead of the cheap resistance bands I had in the attic (Tony and the gang use around 25 pounders–sheesh!), although some of today’s exercises were in fact done more successfully with the bands. I probably need to get some better ones and/or some lighter weights for the second half of the workout. Even 15s get pretty heavy in the second half, and I don’t want to get hurt.

Keep Pressing “Play.”

I’m feeling pretty good today. The delayed onset muscle soreness I had when I started seems to have turned me loose a little, and I expect that to be less and less over the next two or three weeks. Although as I write this post I may be tightening up a bit. I think I’ll be taking some Advil tonight. I look at this as “Hell Week,” just like the first week of Navy Seal training (or so I’ve heard). If I dominate Hell Week (or maybe just not drop dead) then I think I’m poised to really dominate the next 11 weeks! See you tomorrow for Yoga X (which I will not wrongly assume is a cake walk because it’s Yoga. Remember. This is “X-treme!”)

The Workout.

Shoulders & Arms Workout Tools: Weights or resistance bands, wall, chair, water, and towel

Shoulders & Arms Light Cardio Warm-up & Stretch
March in place; run in place; jumping jacks; run lunges with alternate arm raises; side-to-side head rolls; shoulder rolls; crossed-wrist shoulder stretch; expand/contract chest-back-shoulder stretch; arm circles; ballistic stretches

Shoulders & Arms Workout and Progress
(R=”Reps”, W=”Weight.” Resistance bands may be substituted for weight and is noted with a “B.” Current week’s performance is the last set of numbers, e.g. “R=15 W=15”, and is preceded by previous weeks. Each exercise is performed twice, however for the purposes of showing progress in the simplest way I’ve only shown the first set.)

Alternating Shoulder Press: R=12, W=15
In & Out Bicep Curls: R=16, W=15
Two-Arm Triceps Kickback: R=16, W=15
Deep Swimmer’s Presses: R=8, W=15
Full Supination Concentration Curls: R=13, W=15
Chair Dips: R=10, W=NA
Upright Rows: R=11, W=7.5
Static Arm Curls: R=8, W=15
Flip-Grip Twist Tricep Kickbacks: R=8, W=15
Two-Angle  Shoulder Flys: R=16, W=B
Crouching Cohen Curls: R=31, W=B
Lying Down Tricep Extensions: R=15, W=7.5

Bonus Round
In & Out Straight-Arm Shoulder Flys: R=13, W=B
Congdon Curls: R=13, W=B
Side Tri-Rises (Left & Right): Left=0,  Right=5

Ab Ripper X Workout
In & out; seated bicycle; seated crunchy frog; crossed leg/wide leg sit-up; fifer scissor; hip rock ‘n raise; pulse-up (heels to heaven); roll-up/v-up combo; oblique v-up; leg climb; mason (kayak) twist; stretch

Check in next tome for P90X Day 4: Yoga X!


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