P90X – Day 2: Plyometrics

Bring It.

Tony Horton touts this as the  “mother of all the P90X workouts.” It’s a cardio grind that is “the ‘X’ in P90X” and really works you hard because of one little detail: You’ve got to land softly on your toes through this nearly hour-long acrobatic ballet. In all of these jumping-around exercises you’ve got to spring quick and land like a cat–no sound! That’s tougher than you think and it works you awesome!

Today I focused on trying to maintain good form–fewer reps of better quality–rather than trying to achieve the quantity they were hitting in the DVD. Round 2, which is a repeat of round 1 got pretty sloppy. And I did have to take some longer breaks than Tony and his team did.  I also had a couple of bouts of abdominal cramps just below by right rib cage that slowed me down. Important note about this workout: Tony tells us not to eat anything at least one hour before starting, and he limits the H2O intake as well–not too much. You really want to guzzle though, but try not to.

A Little Advice

I’ve got to try not to do these workouts so late in the evening. Unlike Plyometrics, last night I did Chest & Back with Ab Ripper X, which requires a lot of hydration. Drinking 40 ounces of water before bedtime doesn’t make for a very restful night’s sleep.

Keep Pressing “Play.”

My attitude is good, which surprises me a little. Honestly, I’m a “forget this” kind of guy when the going gets this tough. Sorry to disappoint you about my intestinal fortitude–just being real. I’m a wimp! That’s why I’m putting myself through this. I can really see myself on day 90! I’ve got to reach the summit of this mountain! So to all you “forget this” people like me… See you on Day 3!

The Workout.

Plyometrics Workout Tools: Heart rate monitor; workout mat; stool or chair; water and tower

Plyometrics Warm-up & Stretch: March in place; run in place; tires and run lunges; lunging drills; deep prayer squats; quad stretch; hamstring stretch

Plyometrics Workout: Jump squat; run-stance squat; airborne heisman; swing kick; squat reach jump; run-stance squat switch pick-up; double airborne heisman; circle run; jump knee tuck; mary katherine lunge; leapfrog squat; twist combo; rock star hop; gap jump; squat jack; military march; run squat 180 jump switch; lateral leapfrog squat; monster truck tire; hot foot

Bonus Round
Pitch & catch; jump shot; football hero

Check in next time for P90X Day 3: Shoulders & Arms with Ab Ripper X!


7 Responses to “P90X – Day 2: Plyometrics”

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