P90X – Day 1: Chest & Back with Ab Ripper X

Bring It.

And so it begins… Just finished P90X Day 1. Wow! Yes, it’s hard. But I’m not going to chew up my blog space whining about that. Who really wants to read that for the next 89 days?

I wasn’t sore, just weak and a little tight after tearing down my muscles. And despite the fact that I fought to keep up with the DVD, and I probably did half the exercises embarrassingly wrong, I pressed “Play” and didn’t press “Stop” until Tony signed off. Afterward I felt broken but not defeated–like I “Brought It!” In fact, I’m tired but I feel unusually energetic–like I’m ready to storm the beaches at Normandy!

The DVD is fast-paced and I had to pause it and redo some of the exercises that I was butchering. I did a couple of most of the exercises in the correct form or an assisted form. Tony stresses form over quantity so I just tried to do a couple of reps correctly rather than trying to gallop through and cheating myself. As the workout went on (and we were repeating the exercises) I just did the best I could and pushed each exercise as far as I could go, which in some cases was just a couple of inches. It felt good to be done… then we started it over in a different order. Then it really felt good to be done… and then I had 16 minutes of Ab Ripper X. That was shameful but I finished it.

Tony is a surprisingly good motivator through a DVD; I was wondering how much of that would come through, but quite a lot did. He’s a really nice guy too, not an ego maniac at all.

A Little Advice.

Don’t wear loose clothing; wear form-fitting workout clothes. I always thought fitness people wore Spandex (Under Armor now) because of ego. Nope. There’s a function to it. I thought loose clothes would be more comfortable but they actually get in the way. I also think I’ll buy some dumbbells; I’m not wild about using resistance bands. They’re a little awkward to use–sort of a pain to transition to quickly; dumbbells you just pick up and go–and I don’t feel like they work me as well as weights would. The span of stretch starts out easy and ends harder. Weights would seem to provide even resistance all the way. I also need the workout mat. Another add-on I’m going to get is the recovery drink: I hear it’s a must.

Keep Pressing “Play.”

Seriously, I know I have a long way to go but I’m honestly not discouraged by the mountain I have to climb here. So don’t you be either if you’ve come as far as Day 1. It could really go either way for a lot of people–to press on or give up–so make it go the right way! A lot of people might say “no way.” But I’m tired of looking tubby and average; I want this pretty bad. Eighty-nine days will be here in the blink of an eye and I know I’ll look very different then. But for tonight my reward will just be a great night’s sleep.

The Workout.

Chest & Back Workout Tools: Weights or resistance bands, push-up bars or portable chin-up bar, chin-up bar or resistance bands, chair, water, and towel.

Chest & Back Light Cardio Warm-up & Stretch
March in place; run in place; jumping jacks; run lunges with alternate arm raises; side-to-side head rolls; expand/contract chest-back-shoulder stretch; topas shoulder stretch; standing side stretch; arm circles; ballistic stretches

Chest & Back Workout
Standard push-up; wide front pull-up; military push-up; reverse grip chin-up; mini stretch; wide fly push-up; closed grip overhand pull-up; decline push-up; heavy pants; mini stretch; diamond push-up; lawnmower; dive bomber push-up; back fly

Ab Ripper X Exercises
In & out; seated bicycle; seated crunchy frog; crossed leg/wide leg sit-up; fifer scissor; hip rock ‘n raise; pulse-up (heels to heaven); roll-up/v-up combo; oblique v-up; leg climb; mason (kayak) twist; stretch

Check in next time for P90X Day 2: Plyomentrics!


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